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How can precision-engineering drive progress? Improve businesses, lives and society? Create a lasting positive impact?

Muon is aware that micro-precision components are becoming the key factor for companies when developing their competitive edge. Therefore, we believe that offering successful small-scale answers to complex questions requires acting on a bigger, professional and global scale.

And that’s exactly why Muon’s operating companies are the world’s leaders in micro-precision. Opening doors by bringing together their capabilities and aligning their resources. Doors to the most forward-thinking clients. To the most ambitious and prestigious projects. To the most demanding and complex questions. And opening doors to better answers for tomorrow’s challenges regarding health, miniaturization, sustainability and safety.

Working together enables the Muon Group companies to push boundaries and create game and life-changing innovations. The joint bigger network, greater investment power, and accumulated faith in the potential of micro-precision empowers them. To co-create smarter and more imaginative microscopical components that can be applied on an industrial scale. Mission critical to industrial evolution and product performance.

Thinking and acting bigger in precision helps Muon’s companies to smartly and successfully respond to the world’s growing demand for the most innovative micro solutions.

Muon – world leader in micro-precision

  • Case 1

    let’s refine nebulisers and enhance health

    Electroforming solution for Aerogen (Veco BV)
    In the search for improving aerosol drug delivery, Muon contributed to finding the perfect cure: electroforming an innovative 5mm aperture plate with 1000 precision formed tapered holes. The perfect mini pump that assures the exact release of millions of micro-sized droplets, generating a mist that penetrates deeper into the lungs. Enhancing the health and lives of lung patients all over the world.
  • Case 2

    let’s skip the moon and aim for Mercury

    Laser material processing solution for Airbus (Millux B.V.)
    In the search for a light and extremely reliable mounting system for solar power on satellites, Muon delivered the exact solution: laser cut and welded titanium subparts that firmly attach protective heat shields to folding array wings. Subparts that meet all the extremely tight designing requirements of spaceflight. Robust and rocket solid. Proudly empowering the first European mission to Mercury.
  • Case 4

    let’s rejuvenate skin with micro-precision

    Chemical Etching solution for Genesis Bio Systems (Tecan Ltd.)
    By manufacturing stress free, burr free, micro-precision needles for the medical and surgical markets, Muon enables the rejuvenation of patients’ skin. Needles that are non-invasive, pain free and beneficial for all skin types. Not just a cosmetic treatment, but a product that helps provide real improvements in skin care around the world.

meet the Muon family

The Muon Group consists of leading companies in the fields of Electroforming, Chemical Etching and Laser Material Processing.
  • STC Material Solutions

    STC Material Solutions

    STC Material Solutions, located in St. Albans, United States of America, was founded in 1898. Being a growth focused pioneer of highly engineered advanced materials and delivering a diversified rang of innovative applied solutions in technical ceramics, hermetic sealing and joining of dissimilar materials to the world’s most extreme mission critical applications. STC is part of the Muon Group since 2023.
  • Atul Sugar Screens

    Atul Sugar Screens

    Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd., located in Pune, India, is currently a sales office whose main function is to provide technical and sales support to sugar sieve customers in India and neighbouring countries.
  • LouwersHanique


    LouwersHanique B.V., located in Hapert, the Netherlands. Building on 70 years of innovation, experience and tradition, LouwersHanique is trusted by some of the world’s leading high-tech companies to be their solutions provider of choice when it comes to extreme accuracy challenges in respect of technical glass, advanced ceramics and special material combinations. LouwersHanique is part of the Muon Group since 2021.
  • Millux


    Millux B.V., formerly known as Reith Laser BV, located in Wijchen, the Netherlands, was founded in 1988, when laser machining was still a relatively unknown technology. Today, modern laser technology offers great advantages in comparison with traditional material processing techniques. Meanwhile, Millux has developed into a capable and trusted supplier for the high-tech industry, offering a range of laser micro-machining applications.
  • Tecan


    Tecan Ltd., located in Dorset in the UK, has been pioneering the use of photo chemical machining (etching) since 1970. Etching is an innovative, photolithography-based process that was developed as an off-shoot from the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Tecan attracts customers who appreciate the advantages of etching over more conventional manufacturing methods such as stamping.
  • Veco


    Veco B.V., located in Eerbeek, the Netherlands, has been electroforming since 1934. It is an additive manufacturing process for precision metal parts. Its uniqueness is that it can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing extreme accuracy and high aspect ratios. Veco serves the world's most innovative high-tech industries that demand precision components in industrial volumes.

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average number of FTE’s
636 +24%
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board members

  • Michiel Barendse

    President & General Manager

  • Barry de Vree

    VP Finance & IT

managing directors Muon companies

  • Sandeep Khot

    Atul Sugar Screens Pvt. Ltd.

  • Eric Hezemans

    Millux B.V.

  • Kees Verspaandonk

    LouwersHanique B.V.

  • Neil Walker

    Tecan Ltd.

  • Mischa Baert

    Veco B.V.

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